First and foremost, let us celebrate being outdoors.
Secondly, let us have some more public green space please.

As an 30+ renter my green space was zero until a generous friend offered to share some space in her allotment. Just having somewhere to start growing and walk too has really improved my mental health. I thought a lot about people who were in a lock down situation in an urban area far away from greenery, and what a symbol of luxury green-ness became.

This project was developed as a part of my research for Unidee residency at Cittadell Arte, Italy. The title of the 2020 residency was 'Embedded Arts Practice within a post pandemic world' and was curated by Dr Andy Abbott. I predicted that artists and creative people with an embedded DIYness would start to be used as a model for institutions and future sustainable art practice.

Continuing on from the initial incubator stage, this will be a continuous non- profit project which has various strands:

An online gallery- you can email photos of your art in green space!
An archive which maps out artists with a sustainable 'green practice', projects and organisations.
A place to advertise your green space and artists to request green space
A learning resource- you can use some of the materials in your lessons (various ages) and also at home.
A biannual SUPER SEED project which commissions artists to create ltd ed postcards and packaging for seeds- to be sent to those without green space and/or struggling with lockdown.
A starting point for artist collaborations.

Easy ways to get involved:
Set up your own Yorkshire Sculpture Park in your green space… (or something more modest) maybe you could organise this amongst friends? Send me a picture and some info about you and your location and I will upload to a public digital exhibition :) PLEASE SEE THE LEARNING ARCHIVE FOR LESSON PLANS AND PROMPTS if you would like a little inspiration.

A little more complicated:
So you have green space but no art- that’s great, I will upload what you are offering and pair you with an art project or artist that doesn't have green space.
(so I could pair you up with some temporary art! a projection in your garden? (Maybe you live alone and could bosh up a white sheet and project a film onto it- and you would like an artists film? Or you would like to offer some green space for a temporary place for artists to photograph their sculpture? Or want to offer up some space for a couple of friends who want to grow veg?)

Artists without green space:
Do you need help finding some green space to test out an idea? To photograph or to film for your art project? Do you not have a garden, but would like to dip your toe into growing things- without the commitment of your own allotment?

I hope that you will join in, and have fun! Please email me, interpret the tasks in your own way, It is anyone's project now! Please share with mates too, as you could use this as an opportunity to (social distanced) reconnect with them ;)
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