What is Endless House?
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Ground Floor

Plans and documents which give insight into proposed works for MFA group show at Baltic 39 2020. Essentially a stage set with props and costumes, which is used throughout as space for activity with collaborators and the public.

We are an Endless House has been reimagined and shifted online, which is what you are navigating currently.

The website has become a series of rooms- there are many other rooms off main rooms, there are documented works in progress (some of which are sat gathering dust in the studio and others are being worn by friends...)

You may end up listening to a collaborative play list, or thinking about starting a herb garden... assuming your curiosity is sustained.

We are an Endless House has somehow become part impossible proposal, part my actual house and archive of stuff. If anything, this is an honest representation of an art practice in flux. One foot in eduction- one foot in educating- two hands printing, one spine healing- one brain a big plate of jelly. It's kind of personal.